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+32 56 60 58 84  |  info@lysair.com


Open circuit cooling towers

Cooling towers of the open circuit type allow to cool the water through direct contact with the ambient air. These towers are used where large water volumes are required to cool cooling machines or process cooling in general and/or where low cooling water temperatures are required. 

Dirty water cooling towers

The open cooling towers of the RC and RH series were specifically designed to cool the dirtiest water flows. Where classic cooling towers fail in the short term due to blockage and pollution or contamination, Nordland guarantees constant, reliable operation until the next scheduled maintenance thanks to these cooling towers.   These cooling towers are equipped with the patented cooling...

Closed circuit cooling towers 

Closed circuit cooling towers are characterized by the fact that the cooling water circulates in a closed coil system or primary circuit. The secondary circuit - water present in the cooling tower basin is circulated via a pump to the water distribution and cools the primary circuit by evaporation.

Hybrid coolers with adiabatic operation

The adiabatic cooler Topaz Neo is a hybrid cooler that works dry almost all year round. At very high ambient temperatures, the cooling tower operates on the principle of adiabatic pre-cooling: this pre-cooling section lowers the air temperature by circulating water over the evaporation media specifically designed for this purpose.